When planning a project, we will quickly decide whether it makes more sense for polymer plates or wood and metal type, and proceed from there.  We have an extensive collection of hand-set type, a growing library of original brass type matrices which can be used to cast type on the Linotype and Ludlow, as well as many cases of wood type. 

Handset type comes from many different era's, styles, and sizes, and is extremely versatile in typesetting and design, and a great resource to have in the shop.  Newly cast type prints extremely sharp, is cast from the original designs as they were drawn and punched into metal matrices, foregoes the cost of having to make a photo polymer plate, and is melted to be reused when the printing is finished.   Wood type is used mainly for larger display work, posters, etc, and but can be worked into any project as needed, and samples from our collection are shown at the bottom of this page.  We have many type specimen books available for your perusal at the shop, as well newly printed Ludlow Type Specimen Sheets and Book for purchase in our online store.