At heart, this is why we are here and what we love to do.

We can accommodate a large range of sizes and scales of jobs, from single copies (things are always cheaper in multiples!) to runs as small as 25, and up into the tens of thousands.  We print work for many designers, publishers, and fellow printers nation-wide, and treat all jobs as custom.

Everything is in the details, so please give us as much information as you can about your project when requesting a quote.  We have many printing machines in the shop, but the images below give a brief description of the capabilities of our most frequently used presses.

Chandler and Price 10" x 15"

A New Style platen press built in 1923. These designs were the standard job presses of the late-nineteenth century. Hand-fed, maximum sheet size is roughly 12" x 18" with a 10"x15" image size.  Our very first press, and a letterpress work-horse which we still use daily for many smaller run jobs from invitations to business cards, coasters, etc. 


Heidelberg Windmill

An automatically fed platen press, built in 1954.  Maximum sheet size is roughly 10"x15".  Prints with precise accuracy and color due to an ingenious feeding and registration system.  Equally versatile for short and long runs, it is the Cadillac of small format letterpress presses. Or perhaps Cadillac is the Heidelberg Windmill of American cars?

Vandercook No. 4

A hand-fed proofing press, maximum sheets size is 14 3/4" x 20" (with exceptions!). Built as an extremely precise proofing press for color work, many shops now use Vandercooks as their main production machines.  Used for art editioning, proofing linotype slugs, and other shorter run large format work.


Poly Automat 50

A large format cylinder press, built in 1954.  Automatically fed, maximum sheet size is 14 1/2" x 20 1/2".   Allows for printing very rich solids, sharp type with high amounts of impression, and precise color control over very long runs.  Our go to press for long-run commercial work as well as very detailed fine art editioning.



Kluge Platen

A larger format platen press from the 1930’s.  Automatically fed, maximum sheet size is roughly 13"x19". Used mainly for die-cutting and scoring, this has become our main press for finishing jobs.